Working our way towards Plastic Free Puzzles

Working our way towards Plastic Free Puzzles

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It’s been a while hasn’t it, we’ve missed you!

We wanted to tell you about one of the lovely new things we’ve been working on throughout the lockdown in the UK. As you can probably guess, jigsaw puzzles have been a big deal during the lockdown – what’s better to do when you’re stuck inside than a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle?!

With all of those puzzles flying out the door, we’ve been thinking about the impact we are having on the wider world – we’ve been thinking about waste. With our factory based in the beautiful heart of Devon, we know the impact single use plastic can have on the landscape.

Seeing an empty crisp packet or chocolate wrapper in a beautiful landscape can be a harsh reminder of what humans can do to the world around them. Although we know that jigsaw puzzles are a reusable item that can be passed down through generations, sold, resold, given away and enjoyed, but we also know the throw away plastic that we so often pay no attention to does have an impact.

All Jigsaw Puzzles are proud to say that we have always used 100% recycled board, and water-based inks to make our puzzles. Our boxes are cardboard and our packaging alike. But… what about that pesky single use plastic shrink wrap keeping a little bit of dust off your puzzle?

Although, yes, this flimsy bit of plastic shrink wrap does keep your puzzle box pristine for a little longer than without, we have decided that that is not enough reason to continue with the practice. After all, if every person made one small change, we would start to reduce the damage we are doing to the world. 

In removing the plastic shrink wrap from our puzzles and replacing it with two little stickers (which by the way will cleanly remove from you box with no damage!) we can reduce our single use plastic packaging to just one bag containing puzzle pieces! You should notice your orders starting to change from shrink wrap to stickers over the next couple of months while we change over from existing stock to new.

We hope this comes as a little bit good news to you all and hope we’ve made you stop and think about that little bit of single use plastic we’re no longer putting in your bin.

Thanks for reading!

Em @All Jigsaw Puzzles

P.S. Rest assured, we’re also hoping to tackle our plastic bags within the boxes to make All Jigsaw Puzzles own brand jigsaws 100% plastic free!


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