Working it out

Working it out

Hello our lovely jigsaw puzzling friends,

So you may have noticed that we turned the All Jigsaw Puzzle UK  website back on today. We have worked out a way of working that is safe for the staff so are comfortable with doing this. Please find our latest statement here

I want to take a moment to thank all of our wonderful customers / friends who have contacted us, wishing us well and asking us to keep safe. I am touched by this, and it just goes to show what lovely customers we have. If you need evidence of this, head on over to our facebook page.

We have figured out how to work in our warehouse in a socially distanced way, we have lined up as many of our staff as possible to work from home or spend as little time in the office as possible. We are talking to our suppliers to ensure we can get jigsaw puzzles in and we are doing all this while washing our hands regularly and taking care to keep each others’ spirits up.

Our warehouse staff, who are obviously unable to work from home, are being brilliant. They are cracking through the orders, but please be aware that any orders that you’ve placed with us recently will take a little longer to get to you than you are used to.

We are sorry about this and are doing everything we can to catch up, but we need to do this in a safe, socially distanced way. From what I’ve seen, in customer messages, on social media and general feedback from the team, our customers are being so understanding about this. This is so nice to hear and see. With the world going crazy around us, our jigsaw puzzling friends are patiently waiting at home for their jigsaws.

Thank you so much,



Marketing Director at All Jigsaw Puzzles

p.s. As the situation is changing so quickly and also because everything is quite unsettling right now, I am trying to do a daily update on what's happening at All Jigsaw Puzzles. You can see all the updates by clicking here


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