Children's Jigsaw Puzzles

Wonderful Jigsaw Puzzles for Children

Half term may be over, but little hands still need to be kept busy! Today’s blog showcases our cavalcade of Children’s jigsaw puzzles.


Adults aren’t the only ones who see benefits from making jigsaw puzzles, they are great for children too! Puzzles are an important tool in aiding your child’s development; they can encourage hand-eye co-ordination by giving them different shaped pieces to put together and improve fine motor skills by strengthening the muscles in their fingers as they hold the pieces. Puzzles can help adapt their thinking, reasoning, and deduction skills which in turn can help develop their memory and cognitive skills. As well as helping them correct their own work and improve their patience as they discover which pieces fit together. The humble jigsaw can even help your child’s self-esteem with the sense of pride and achievement that comes with completing their puzzle.

Helping with their A, B, C’s….

The Unusual Alphabet 24XXL Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, is a fun floor puzzle that will help your child learn the alphabet. Each colourful piece has a delightful animal illustration and is 14 x 19cm making them easier for little hands to get a grip of. An amazing alphabet jigsaw that is fun from the first Angry Ant to the last Zen Zebra.

The Unusual Alphabet 24XXL Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

The perfect way to wind down

Sweet Dreams 36 Piece Jigsaw is the perfect way to help your children relax before bed. This magical image will make them want to drift off to dreamland.

Sweet Dreams 36 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Fun for little heroes

Playmobil is one of the all-time favourite children’s toys, this wonderful world of characters has been delighting little ones for decades. Now the joy of this world of play has moved into jigsaw puzzles, with the Playmobil ‘Puzzle and Play’ range! Currently available are ‘The Fire Department’ 40 piece puzzle and ‘A Zoo Adventure’ 60 piece puzzle, both come with a free figure so that your child can continue to play once the jigsaw is complete.

Playmobil: The Fire Department Puzzle & Play 40 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle  Playmobil: A Zoo Adventure Puzzle & Play 60 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Combining two children’s favourites in one jigsaw puzzle

Space Dinosaurs, 200XXL Piece Jigsaw Puzzle has something for budding astronauts and palaeontologists alike. This colourful children’s jigsaw puzzle features dinosaur astronauts floating through space, wacky fun that will fuel your child’s imagination!

Space Dinosaurs, XXL200 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

An adventure for older children

Discover a new type of jigsaw with hidden riddles! Jungle Escape Puzzle Kids, 368 Piece Puzzle is an exciting new way for your child to enjoy puzzles. Once your children have assembled the jigsaw, they use the mathematical clues hidden within to solve the riddle and escape the jungle. Fabulous fun for all the family.

We hope you’ve enjoyed today's blog! Maybe your child’s next favourite jigsaw puzzle was on this list? To view the entire range of children’s jigsaw puzzles, click on Jiggy below.

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