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Who Run the World? Girls!

Who Run the World? Girls!

What an evening, I still don’t think it’s fully set in, but everybody on the AJP team is over the moon that England’s women are now the 2022 European Women’s Football Champions!

2022 European Women’s Football Champions

I must admit that I don’t watch as much football as I used to, I think my nerves can’t take the tension anymore, but there was no way I was going to miss this game. My Mother-In-Law, my Husband and I all settled down to watch in anticipation of the unthinkable. My lucky Mother-in-law is young enough to remember when the men’s team won the world cup and is stoic enough to no longer let these events stress her out, which can certainly not be said for me! I was on the edge of my seat, biting my fingernails and clenching my fists, what a stressful first half with nothing to tell between the teams.

Women's Euro's Final 2022

As the second half got underway the tension was too much for me so I went to get an ice lolly - comfort eating always eases my stress. Suddenly, I heard a gasp from the living room, England had scored with a stunning break from Toone! However, it wasn’t long before I was chewing my fingers again as Germany scored. By full-time it was a draw, I wasn’t sure if I could make it through another 30 minutes but with my heart pounding, I sat down to watch extra time.

England win the women's Euro's 2022

As the first half of extra time passed with no goals, I began to plead with the women on the T.V to score so that we wouldn’t have to go to penalties, like the Lionesses could hear me from my front room in Devon. Then it happened, Kelly scored and England was ahead again! I sat on the edge of my seat, hands clenched tightly together counting down the minutes and seconds to the end, then the whistle blew and our girls had done it, England had won the European Championship!

The England Women's team celebrating winning the Euro's 2022

I couldn’t believe that they had won, had they heard my pleading? Had the women of England all come together in some kind of powerful female cosmic force and put all their power behind them? Or was it just that these amazing women had trained harder than ever, pushed themselves to their limits and were backed by an amazing manager? I like to think it was a bit of both.

England win Women's Euro's 2022 Personalised 400 Piece Photo Jigsaw

I hope you had a wonderful day as well! Maybe you were there, like my Friend Marcus who kindly supplied the photos, or like me and the two gorgeous girls in the photo above, my second cousins, you were watching at home. Either way, we would love to hear from you - to share your stories and photos click on Jiggy below and you could be in with a chance of winning a wonderful photo jigsaw!

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