Welcome to the Jigsaw Jackpot!

Welcome to the Jigsaw Jackpot!

As we’ve had thousands of new puzzlers join our community this year, we thought we should reintroduce many of you to a fabulous weekly segment in the world of All Jigsaw Puzzles called the Jigsaw Jackpot!

If you’ve ever stumbled across the All Jigsaw Puzzles Facebook page, you will most likely have seen posts that look like this one with hundreds of happy commenters talking about their favourite puzzles or the people in their lives who would appreciate a brand new puzzle. This is our Jigsaw Jackpot!

jigsaw jackpot bayeux tapas tree

Every Friday at exactly midday (almost exactly, we are human after all!) we post a puzzle that you could win that week. In the past, these have only been 1000 piece puzzles, but this year we decided to include 500 and 500XL puzzles to improve our inclusivity for those who believe 1000 pieces are just too many!

Previous prizes include… ‘Blurry Rainbow 1000 piece puzzle’ ‘WASGIJ Original 34 1000 piece puzzle Love & Pride 1000 piece puzzle’ ‘Beauty and the Beast 1000 pieces’ ‘Winter in London 1000 piece puzzleStarry Night 1000 pieces’ ‘Tim Bulmer Christmas 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle’.

We ask everyone who likes the look of that week’s puzzle to like the post and comment – Bonus points if you comment with a picture! On Monday at midday, our random selection tool chooses a winner from everyone who has liked and commented on the post before we private message our lucky winner to ask for their details and get their prize sent out to them. 

A little congratulations post goes out on Monday after the winner has been chosen just to let you know that the giveaway is now closed for that week.

You may also have spotted that some weeks we have extra special jigsaw puzzle prizes, like signed copies from the artist, designs that have sold out elsewhere and multi-puzzle-prizes!

(Pssssttt. We also hold random extra special jigsaw puzzle giveaways on our private VIP Facebook group!)

So keep your eyes peeled this Friday for the next instalment of the All Jigsaw Puzzles Jigsaw Jackpot – we’ll see you there!

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