We have opened our international stores!

We have opened our international stores!

Hello our lovely jigsaw puzzling friends,

How are you? Are you enjoying the puzzles you have managed to get your hands on? I realise that it is much more difficult right now. I can only say, we are doing everything we can to get as many jigsaw puzzles as possible to supply to our customers. We are working with jigsaw puzzle manufacturers and hope to be able to restart making our own puzzles soon.

In the UK, lockdown restrictions are easing and at All Jigsaw Puzzles we are adjusting to a “new normal” The important thing is that we keep everyone as safe as we can. Social distancing still applies, obviously, but we have more people in the factory now. This is why all our staff are wearing masks, cleaning down their work areas and washing their hands regularly. Some staff have felt able to come back to work, but we do have some vulnerable members of staff so they are not able to come in yet. We are doing everything we can to support all our staff.

We are running low on jigsaw puzzle stock. We did see this coming and are working with our suppliers to try and get as much in as possible, but they are struggling to keep up with demand. We are also hoping to be able to start making our own All Jigsaw Puzzle branded puzzles again soon, such as Impuzzibles, Tim Bulmer and much more! This is challenging with the number of orders that we are still getting in, but we are working hard to figure it out. Watch this space!

We have opened up our US and Irish stores! There are some jigsaw puzzles to buy and we do have longer delivery times than our customers are used to. This is while we introduce international deliveries back into our processes. Normal service will return soon but in the mean time please allow the following for deliveries

AJP UK deliveries: 3-6 working days

AJP US deliveries:  10-15 working days

AJP IE deliveries:   10-15 working days

Please note that, where available, delivery on any personalised jigsaw puzzles are much longer. The delivery pages on our websites will let you know how long this will be and it will be on your order confirmation.

We sincerely hope you understand this and we really appreciate your patience at this time. We have chosen to gradually reintroduce these processes so we do not let down our customers, this is stressful to our teams and to our customers.

We want to ensure that our staff are not overworked and are given every chance to stay healthy. This, alongside any protocols we have put in place to keep our staff safe, has meant that we are slower than normal in getting parcels out and have had to close down other areas of the business to ensure we are servicing the customers that we have to the best of our ability. For me and the other Directors, keeping staff safe and healthy is our absolute priority, there is nothing more important than that.

I mentioned this in my last post - I realise that for some of you, this will not be good enough. I have read the messages and posts venting your frustrations. I am so sorry. We are working towards getting back to normal and this is the first step towards that.

Finally, on a personal note, at this very difficult time I really hope that you are doing ok. We have taken the time to keep a very close eye on our social media channels and the team are passing important messages to me or the other Directors. We realise that for some it is a very lonely and distressing time right now and we are doing our best to get back to each and every one of you.

Keep safe and well and remember to smile,



Marketing Director at All Jigsaw Puzzles

P.S. Have you seen our Keyworker Jackpot on our Facebook page? We will be opening this up to our international customers this Friday. Please nominate someone you think deserves a jigsaw puzzle gift.

P.P.S  As the situation is changing so quickly and also because everything is quite unsettling right now, I am trying to write regular updates on what's happening at All Jigsaw Puzzles. You can see all the updates by clicking here

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