Top Tips for Solving Impuzzible Jigsaw Puzzles

Top Tips for Solving Impuzzible Jigsaw Puzzles

Top Tips for Solving Impuzzible Jigsaw Puzzles

With expert advice from our best and brightest jigsaw puzzlers, we’ve put together a few top tips for solving our almost impossible “Impuzzible” jigsaw puzzles!

Start with the edges

  • As you would any normal jigsaw puzzle, start by finding all the edge pieces and corners. With a large working surface, start by working out which corner is which and work around the edges.

Work on small sections at a time

  • Look for highlights and shadows that continue between pieces. Working on a small section every time you attempt the puzzle can give you a small sense of achievement and motivation to persevere with the challenge.

Come back to it

  • If you’re struggling with the section you’ve chosen, start another briefly before switching back. Or if you hit a brick wall completely, take a break – it’s a marathon not a sprint!

Work upside down

  • Turn that puzzle upside down to see the world from a new perspective!

Sort by colour

  • If your solving a rainbow Impuzzible, it’s best to group the pieces by colour first and work those sections out bit by bit.

Sort by shape

  • If you’re solving a puzzle like Natural Grass or In the Hive where there are no colours to sort by, try sorting by piece shape. If you can work out the direction of the piece, it becomes easier to join pieces together without constantly twisting and turning them, hoping they’ll slot together.

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