The Top 10 Jigsaw Puzzles of 2019!

The Top 10 Jigsaw Puzzles of 2019!

We've taken a look at the top 10 best-selling jigsaw puzzles on our store for 2019! Can you guess what they are? 

2019 has been a great year for puzzling and we've had so many fantastic new designs on our store that you have loved. So, without further adieu, take a look at the the top 10 jigsaw puzzles (and accessories) of 2019! (And yes, there are a lot of Wasgij puzzles in the mix!)

10. Home for Christmas! Limited Edition 2019 1000 Piece Ravensburger Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

This was the gorgeous Christmas limited edition jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger for this Christmas! In this scene, we see a fisherman returning home for the festivities, who is being greeted by his excited family who can't wait to spend Christmas together. This beautiful Christmas puzzle is full of twinkling lights and so many magical Christmas moments, like the Christmas market in the background and santa with his sleigh and reindeer in the sky. This was a very popular puzzle over the festive season, which flew off the shelves! This stunning puzzle was illustrated by the talented and renowned jigsaw puzzle artist, Roy Trower. Find more Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles.

Home for Christmas! Limited Edition 2019 1000 Piece Ravensburger Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

9. Wasgij Mystery 17 Catching a Break 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This fantastic Wasgij jigsaw puzzle was only released in September, but it's made it to 9th place in our top 10! In this brilliant jigsaw puzzle, a family are relaxing in the living room, catching a break from their busy lives. Grandma is knitting, Grandad is having a snooze and their Granddaughter is catching up with social media on her phone. All seems calm, but what is about to happen? This is the scene you have to puzzle! This interesting Wasgij design almost looks like you could step into the illustration yourself! Search Wasgij jigsaw puzzles here.

Wasgij Mystery 17 Catching a Break 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

8. Wasgij Mystery 16 Birthday Surprise 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

It's another brilliant Wasgij jigsaw puzzle! In the image on the box, we see a birthday party taking place - there's banner, balloons and a gigantic cake! But what will happen next? Will something happen with that oversized birthday cake? That's what you need to find out! Wasgij jigsaw puzzles

Wasgij Mystery 16 Birthday Surprise 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

7. All Jigsaw Puzzle Sorter Trays - Pack of 6 and Carry Case

These super handy puzzle sorter trays are perfect for sorting puzzle pieces. There are six trays, which are transparent, to help you separate colours and all kinds of puzzle pieces. It also comes with a carry case, so you can store them away neatly or take them away with you. Find the full range of jigsaw puzzle accessories here.

6. Wasgij Original 31 Safari Surprise! 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Wait, another Wasgij puzzle? That's right! Wasgij puzzles are definitely one of the most popular and well known puzzle ranges - as we can see by the amount we sell every year! In this brilliant Wasgij puzzle, don't puzzle what you see on the box, puzzle what the people on the box see! In this excellent Wasgij Original 31, a group of tourists are enjoying the Wasgij Wildlife Tour, but what are they all looking at? And why do they looked so shocked? This is what you have to figure out! Wasgij jigsaw puzzles.

5. Wasgij Destiny 20 The Toy Shop 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This Wasgij was released in June this year and has been very popular with jigsaw puzzlers. As with all the Wasgij Mystery's, the challenge is not just the puzzling - you must also puzzle the future! On the box image, we see a busy Toy shop, full of children and parents who are all looking at the amazing toys on offer! But, what will this toy shop look like in the future? What will all the people look like and will the shop still be selling toys? This is what you have to work out.

Wasgij Destiny 20 'The Toy Shop' 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

4. Playing in the Snow Falcon de Luxe Jigsaw Puzzle

This puzzle was acually released in 2018, but it's made it to 4th place in our top 10 for 2019! We worked with our friends at Falcon de Luxe to run a fantastic offer on this puzzle for our Autumn/Winter catalogue 2019. We hope to offer you more fantastic offers in 2020! In this puzzle image, we see a picturesque winter scene of families and friends enjoying themselves in the snowy winter’s evening. The joyful image sees groups of children, couples and families all wrapped up warm, as they enjoying sledging on the snow covered streets. This picturesque 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle has been illustrated by the very talented artist Fiona Osbaldstone.

Playing in the Snow

3. Portapuzzle for 1500 Pieces

The portapuzzle is one of the most popular puzzle accessories out there. It's ideal for building, storing and carrying puzzles. The two loose puzzle mats can be used for sorting puzzle pieces and to help you keep your jigsaw puzzle in place when it is stored. Portapuzzles continue to be a very popular and helpful accessory for jigsaw puzzlers!

Portapuzzle for Jigsaws up to 1500 pieces

2. Wasgij Destiny 19 The Puzzlers Arms

Of course, in 2nd place is... a Wasgij puzzle! This puzzle has been flying off the shelves all year! In this scene, the Puzzlers Arms is full of characters enjoying a drink or two, playing pool and having a sing-song on the piano. But is all going to be this merry in the future? What is the future of this pub full of people? 

Wasgij Destiny 19 The Puzzlers Arms 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

1. Santa's Special Delivery Falcon de Luxe 2 x 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

And in first place, we have the stunning Santa's Special delivery by Falcon de Luxe! This limited edition set of two fantastically festive jigsaw puzzles has proven to be the most popular puzzle of 2019! In the first design, the Santa Express is pulling out of the North Pole, full to the brim with lots of gifts for all the children around the world. The Christmas tree is twinkling, there's snow on the ground and all the elves are loading even more presents on to the train! Mrs Claus has stepped outside to wave goodbye to Father Christmas too! In the second image, Santa Claus can be seen delivering all of these lovely presents to a large crowd who have gathered to see him. We're sure this lovely jigsaw puzzle set got many jigsaw puzzlers in the mood for Christmas!

falcon de luxe christmas limited edition jigsaw puzzle with FREE puzzle inside

We can't wait to see what puzzles we have in store for next year! From what we've seen so far, we think it's going to be another cracking year for jigsaw puzzling. Happy New Year and Here's to a Puzzle Filled 2020!

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