The Man Behind the Chaos Puzzles! An interview with Ricardo Galvao

The Man Behind the Chaos Puzzles! An interview with Ricardo Galvao

Chaos puzzles! Who invented these hilarious designs?

Ever wondered who creates the amazing Chaos puzzles? Well, now you can find out more about him! The very talented Ricardo Galvao kindly answered some questions for us - read all about him below...
  1. Tell us a bit about yourself Ricardo! What do you like to do in your spare time?

    I’m 44 now and I've always enjoyed drawing. Back in school, when I was 13-14, I started drawing caricatures of my colleagues and teachers. I’ve also been a football fan and recently rediscovered the pleasure of bicycle riding. One good thing about my work is that I can manage my work time in order to have the chance to take a 100km ride from time to time.

  1. How long have you been working as an artist and what inspired you to start?

    I’ve been a cartoon and caricature artist since 1991. At least, at a professional level. I was supposed to become an Economist, but only 6 months after going to university, I started working as a cartoonist at Portuguese sports newspaper “A Bola”. I thought this would be a part-time job, but I quickly realised this would be my future. However, I still graduated from Economy School, but never worked on that area.
  1. We love the style of the Chaos puzzles; how do you come up with all the characters found within these designs?

    As a puzzle enthusiast, I grew up seeing several chaotic themed puzzles and decided to create my own version of it, with my drawing style. They all start with an initial idea, an initial layout for the scene and then I start adding characters, situations. The goal is to create them in a funny way. The process, at this stage, is also chaotic: I draw several concepts and then try to place them on the image in a way that makes some kind of sense. In the end, I want to have an image filled with lots of characters, all doing something awkward.
  1. What is your favourite subject to draw?

    I’ve been drawing sports cartoons for the time I’ve been working at “A Bola”, so sports characters, especially football players are amongst my favourite.

    Also, on my cartoons I always like to keep them simple. A good cartoon needs to transmit the message in a clear, simple way. Sometimes, I find myself complicating things and that rarely brings extra value to the cartoon. If you don’t know what to do to make it more complex, keep it simple.  

  1. Which is your favourite Chaos puzzle and why?

    Although my love for cycling, I’d choose the Chaos at the Royal Wedding. Not that I’m a fan of Monarchy but I enjoyed playing with the wedding institution, breaking the cliches and formality we always find in weddings.

Chaos puzzles - chaos at the royal wedding

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