The History of Black Friday

The History of Black Friday

Black Friday is here! But where did it come from?

It’s time to queue up in line or log on early to grab the bargain of the season; yes, it’s Black Friday. The number one shopping day of the year certainly has grown in the last five or so years, but where did this juggernaut of consumerism originate from?


Adding the word black to a day, hasn’t always meant good things, such as Black Monday for the stock market crash. The earliest recorded use of the term Black Friday was in the late 1800’s when gold prices crashed shaking the American economy for years to come.

The next time the term was really used again was in the late 50’s/early 60’s by Philadelphia police, who started to refer to the chaos on the roads the day after Thanksgiving when everyone rushed to the shops to start their Christmas shopping as Black Friday.

Although this was a dark day for the police of Philadelphia the store owners in the city didn’t like their busiest day of the year being tarnished with such bleak connotations and so decided to change it’s meaning. They did this by selling it as a day to visit the city, enjoy the Christmas lights and grab a bargain.

Over the years the idea spread across the rest of the U.S.A and the world, as the crowds gathering to grab a bargain grew to become the Black Friday that we know today.


Over the past few years, we into have entered into the spirit of Black Friday, offering you, our wonderful customers, gorgeous jigsaws puzzles at discounted prices. The most popular jigsaws on the busiest day of the year have been…..



Black Friday best selling jigsaw 2017

At No.5 Cats in a Cottage Garden, No.4 P*ssed as a Newt by Mike Jupp,  at No.3  it’s another Mike Jupp jigsaw High as a Kite , in at No.2 is Natural Grass – Impuzzible and at No.1 Chaos at Christmas Lunch.




Black Friday 2018 best seller


At No.5 Map of London by Tim Bulmer, at No.4 A Question of Cars, down by two at No.3  is Chaos at Christmas Lunch,  still at No.2 Natural Grass – Impuzzible and in at No.1 Chaos at Santa's Grotto.



Black Friday best selling Jigsaw 2019


In at No.5 Far from the Madding Crowd by Trai Hiscock, at No.4 Small Town Christmas, at No.3 Tim Bulmer’s Map of Yorkshire, at No.2 the very cute Puppy Dreams at Christmas and straight in at No.1 is Christmas at Chaos Farm.



Black Friday 2021 best selling jigsaw puzzle


Flying in at No.5 is Fairground Fiasco by Armand Foster, at No.4 is Golf by Tim Bulmer, at No.3 it’s another jigsaw from Armand Foster Caravan Commotion. In at No.2 is the seasonal favourite Christmas by Tim Bulmer and at No.1 it’s our most popular jigsaw puzzle of all time Dogs in a Cottage Garden.

I wonder if Dogs in a Cottage Garden will remain at number one this Black Friday 2021 or will the stunning Christmas Village Fair by Rudolf Farkes pip it to the post, the choice will be made by you!Black Friday 2021 jigsaw puzzle sale

It wouldn’t be Black Friday without there being a bargain to be had and we have many great deals for you in store now, click the image below to see them all!


All Jigsaw Puzzles BLACK FRIDAY Sale 2021



Happy Puzzling!

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