New Tim Bulmer Brighton 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

Take a trip to ‘London by the Sea’

Hi, welcome back, in today’s blog we are very excited to share with you a brand new comical map jigsaw puzzle by Tim Bulmer, ‘Brighton’. Tim has researched one of his favourite seaside cities to bring you the fun new Brighton jigsaw puzzle bursting with hilarious facts.

New Brighton Jigsaw Puzzle

As you piece together this entertaining jigsaw, you will discover witty facts about Brighton and the surrounding area, such as the city was originally founded as a bathing resort and that it’s home to the oldest aquarium in the world. 

Jigsaw puzzle of Brighton

Each entertaining piece of knowledge is accompanied by one of Tim’s whimsical illustrations, creating a hilarious jigsaw puzzle to complete.

New Tim Bulmer Brighton 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

This joyous jigsaw puzzle of Brighton is perfect for anyone who loves this wonderful city by the sea and wants to discover more about beautiful Brighton.

Happy puzzling!

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