Quirky Ideas for Quarantine Entertainment

Quirky Ideas for Quarantine Entertainment

Quirky Ideas for Quarantine Entertainment

With the success of our last blog “Things to do if you're self-isolating”, we thought we should put together a few more fun ideas for everyone to enjoy.

Kahoot quiz

  • Play a digital quiz with friends and family, even if they aren’t in the same house! Kahoot is a quiz app where players enter a game code to play against each other, racing to answer questions the fastest. You can play ready-made quizzes or even create your own! Video call your opponents for added sociable fun!

Combine your jigsaw puzzles

  • Did you know that if you have two 1000 piece puzzles from the same brand, you can combine the puzzles to create a brand new image? Make two puzzles with alternating pieces, stripes or spirals!

Puzzle piece by piece instead of in sections

  • Challenge yourself by completing your jigsaw in a new way! Try doing all the edges first then without looking, pick up a piece and place it where you think it should go. Don’t work on sections at a time or search for the right piece, just work out each piece as you go. This would work beautifully with our 1000 piece Impuzzible jigsaws!

Learn how to code with Khan

  • Learn something completely new with Khan Academy. Try your hand at some basic code like HTML or CSS, you’ll be surprised at what you can pick up with a bit of time and patience!

Play a board game with your own rules

  • Are you and your family quarantined together? How about making up your own rules for a classic board game? Play Monopoly in reverse – earn money when you should be paying and pay £200 every time you pass go!

Recreate a film with friends and family

  • You may have seen the viral video of the Marsh family singing a cover of a song from Les Misérables; although we might not all be quite so talented as them, you could try recreating your favourite film! Get dressed up with things you find around the house and have a go!

Try a circus skill

  • Is there something you’ve always marvelled at but never had the time to try? Now is the perfect time to try your hand at circus skills like juggling or magic. We all have items lying around the house, a pack of cards or a few tennis balls, head online to find a how-to video and get started!

Remember to stay happy, healthy and entertained as best you can!

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