Our predictions for Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles 2020

Our predictions for Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles 2020

It’s nearly July, which means.... Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles for 2020 are nearly here!

Usually we get a delivery of the top festive puzzles for the year in the Summer, and as bizarre as it sounds, it’s a fantastic time to start getting your Christmas jigsaw puzzles ready for Autumn and Winter puzzling.

Christmas jigsaw puzzles are very popular and we think this year will be a big year for gifting jigsaw puzzles as yuletide gifts. Jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts will already know which ones to look out for, from the popular jigsaw puzzle brands such as Wasgij, Gibsons, Ravensburger and Falcon de Luxe. From the surge of jigsaw puzzle popularity this year, we’re sure we’ll see even more contenders in the Christmas jigsaw puzzle realm and we’re sure they will all fly off the shelves.

So, what sort of Christmas 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles are we predicting this year? As we mentioned before, you can be sure to expect a traditional Christmas design from each of the big brands; Gibsons, Jumbo and Ravensburger. A Christmas Wasgij is always released and includes a funny festive design. These make fantastic gifts for Christmas and of course are an essential in your Wasgij puzzle collection. Gibsons, Falcon de Luxe and Ravensburger always shine with the most amazing, traditional Christmas designs that make you feel truly festive. These are usually limited edition, so once they’re gone, they’re gone! So if you don’t want to miss out, it’s a must to get them in your jigsaw puzzle collection before Christmas.

So, what other puzzles can we expect for Christmas 2020? These brands always bring out a lovely range of winter scenes, quirky Christmas designs and other traditional scenes that we know a lot of you love to puzzle at Christmas time, such as families together at Christmas, snowy Christmas cottage scenes and pets at Christmas too. These are often 1000 piece Christmas jigsaw puzzles but you will usually find 500 piece christmas jigsaw puzzles in the mix too if you’re not a fan of larger puzzles.

And this year, we’ve even got our own, very special, Christmas jigsaw puzzle release! We’re very excited to show you and can’t wait to see what you all think. We’ve got some other lovely Christmas designs in the pipeline too, one of which is designed by our very talented graphic designer, Emma. 

As well as all these, we’re so excited to be working with lots of amazing jigsaw puzzle suppliers this year, such as Coiled Spring (Schmidt), Educa, Eurographics and MaddCapp puzzles, so we’re excited to bring in some lovely Christmas designs from each of these brands this year too. 

We’ll keep you updated on all the brand new Christmas jigsaw puzzle 2020 releases this year, through our email, social media and of course on our website.

Wishing you a magical Summer of Christmas jigsaw puzzle shopping!

Disclaimer - we are simply predicting what puzzles we think we will see this year and cannot guarantee anything. We are basing this on Christmas puzzles we have seen from jigsaw puzzle brands over the past few years.

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