New Puzzle Brands Introduced in 2020

New Puzzle Brands Introduced in 2020

2020 has been a mad year… but we welcomed lots of new brands to the store!

You may have noticed this year (I’m not sure where you’ve been if you haven’t noticed!) but jigsaw puzzles have been INCREDIBLY popular in 2020.

Whether it’s the fact that everyone has been locked at home for months, the square eyes we’re all trying our best to avoid, or the need for peace and quiet from the noise of the world; jigsaw puzzles have been the go-to for thousands of people this year.

To combat this huge increase in demand that we’ve been lucky enough to be at the heart of, we’ve grown our in-house All Jigsaw Puzzle range as well as bringing on SEVEN new brands over the course of 2020!

So, without further introduction, here are the new jigsaw puzzle brands we’ve added this year:


Otter House

The puzzles for puzzlers!

Otter House jigsaws are designed with both puzzlers and the planet in mind. They are currently the most eco-conscious range we have in store with paper bags for their puzzle pieces, reduced plastic and a company-wide aim to be carbon neutral by July 2021!

New to the store include 'Cats in the Kitchen'

Cats in the Kitchen Jigsaw Puzzle

'Countryside Morning'

And 'Christmas Post'


Alison Gardiner

Alison Gardiner is an illustrator based in Southsea who has branched out from greeting card design into the world of jigsaw puzzles.

Her stunning jigsaw puzzle illustrations include Christmas villages, Westminster Palace in the snow and gorgeous country houses.

Her best sellers include ‘The Christmas Express'


‘Christmas Carousel'


And ‘The Chocolate Shop’



Bluebird Puzzles

Bluebird puts fun, colour and adventure into all their jigsaws! They work with artists including Dominic Davison, Ciro Marchetti, Aimee Stewart and Adrian Chesterman to offer perfect puzzle patterns.

Some of their best sellers include ‘The Mountain Cabin’


‘Thatched Cottage’


And ‘Christmas Mountain View’




Eurographics puzzles make some of the best collage designs on the market. Their collection ranges from vintage illustrations, classic fine art like the ‘Great Wave of Kanagawa’, and humorous collages of cats and dogs in funny outfits!

Their best sellers include ‘Old Town Living’


‘Harvest Time’


And ‘Notre Dame’



Galison are a modern, high quality gift brand based in New York who turn artwork from incredible artists into highly desirable gifts. Their jigsaw puzzles are some of the best quality on the market with their range including tricky double sided puzzles and stunning gold foil-accented puzzles. It’s clear that the small and hard-working team at Galison put love and care into all of their products.

Some of their best sellers include ‘Bethesda Fountain’




And ‘Winter Lights’



Madd Capp Puzzles

The clues in the name… These are Madd jigsaw puzzles! With their defining range of animal head shaped jigsaws, Madd Capp puzzles make perfect and hilarious gifts for friends and family. At a less intimidating 300 -700 piece count, and with interesting informational leaflets included in each box, these jigsaws are great for the family.

Their best sellers include ‘I am Tiger’


‘I am Elephant’


And ‘I am Panda’




Pomegranate aims to make art accessible for everyone and that view is expressed in their range. Based in Portland, Oregon, Pomegranate puzzles shine a light on famous and small artists alike. Beware, whilst beautiful, some of these designs make for tricky puzzling!

Some of their best sellers include ‘Melody’


The Whole World’


And ‘City Limits’


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