New Circular Impuzzible 400 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

New Fabulous Flower Circular Impuzzible Jigsaw Puzzles!

Welcome back, in today’s blog I want to tell you about two exciting new circular Impuzzible jigsaw puzzles. After the success of our Sunflower Circular Impuzzible to raise money for the DEC, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to bring out an new range of circular flower Impuzzibles.

The first flower in this wonderful new range of circular jigsaw puzzles is the Clematis. This beautiful image has been zoomed right into the middle of the flower, creating a difficult puzzle with its repetitive pink and purple petals and lime green centre.  A climbing flower that can be found on trellises, this challenging Impuzzible jigsaw will have you climbing up the wall. 

Clematis circular impuzzible 400 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Next is a flower that is an integral part of the Christmas celebrations. The Poinsettia is the jewel of winter, brightening up those grey months with its bright burst of colour. Don’t be fooled by this beautiful flower, its rich crimson petals create a devilishly difficult jigsaw puzzle.  

Poinsettia circular impuzzible 400 piece jigsaw puzzle

Our Impuzzible range of jigsaw puzzles are designed to be the ultimate puzzle challenge. We hope that these gorgeous circular flower jigsaw puzzles will bring some floral fun into your puzzling day, to view the entire Impuzzible jigsaw puzzle range click here.

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