New Contemporary Jigsaw Puzzles

New Contemporary Jigsaw Puzzles

A more contemporary style of jigsaw puzzle

Welcome to this week’s blog where we will be sharing with you some wonderful contemporary style jigsaw puzzles. Times change, and with it, so do styles of jigsaw puzzles. Although we know that there is still a massive fan base out there for traditional jigsaw puzzles, we have also seen a rise in interest for more modern designs.

Perfect people to share some time with…

Let’s start with our wonderful modern collection of puzzles catered around people. This selection of contemporary jigsaw puzzles celebrates: the beauty in all of us with the Contemporary Portraits Jigsaw Puzzle, the majesty of sisterhood with Three Women, and how our magical melting pot of a world contains a truly wonderful collection of different people in our Diversity Jigsaw.

Contemporary People Themed Jigsaw Puzzles

Love Thy Plants

If there’s one thing, we’ve all learnt over the past 18 months it’s that plants and nature are extremely important for our survival. This wonderful collection of contemporary plant themed jigsaw puzzles will help you connect to nature. What ever type of plants you like, we’ll have something to tickle you fancy! From big leafy specimens in Love Thy Plants, to lush leaves with Houseplant Jungle and a mixture of everything gloriously green in Plant Shelfie.

Plant and nature jigsaw puzzles

A Walk on the Wild Side

Whether it’s a purring pussycat, a cheeky chimpanzee, or a delightful dog, we know you love animals of all shapes and sizes. This wonderful collection of Contemporary Animal Jigsaw Puzzles has them all! You’ll find parrots and hummingbirds in the Tropical Jigsaw, a menagerie of monkeys in The Wild jigsaw, and fun with felines in Curious Cats.

Animals Jigsaw Puzzles

Take Time to Relax…

Life can sometimes be overwhelming, and it’s becoming ever more important for us all to take a little time for ourselves. Our collections of Contemporary Calming Jigsaw Puzzles gives you everything that you need to have a relaxing day. Stop for a cuppa at a cafe with the Afternoon Tea Jigsaw, spend time perusing the shelves with Michael Storrings A Day at the Bookstore, or lift your spirits with messages of motivation in the Ever Upward Jigsaw.

Relaxing Jigsaw Puzzles

Discover the Ultra-Modernist Within

For those of you who desire a more challenging contemporary jigsaw puzzle, we have a wonderful selection of shaped jigsaw puzzles for you. In this surreal selection you can watch as beautiful colours emerge from an open palm with the Rainbow Hand, discover a zebra covered in flowers with Party Animal, and whisper sweet nothings as you piece together Lips by Jonathan Adler.

Modern shaped jigsaw puzzles

There are even more Contemporary Jigsaw Puzzles in store to discover, from colourful to Christmas and T.V greats to cityscapes, there’s something for every taste. To view to entire contemporary collection click here.

Happy puzzling! 

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