Looking forward to a bright Christmas with Alison Gardiner Jigsaws

Looking forward to a bright Christmas with Alison Gardiner Jigsaws

Looking forward to a bright Christmas

Here at All Jigsaw Puzzles we are constantly looking for exciting new artists and ranges of Jigsaws. So for the upcoming winter season we are excited to bring you a new range of puzzles from Alison Gardiner.

Alison Gardiner  is an illustrator based in the heart of Southsea. She originally trained as a textile designer at West Surrey College of Art and Design, but her first steps into the world of illustration was as a greeting card designer. She has applied her creativity and passion for all things crafty to a variety of different ventures.

Alison’s new Christmas range features charming contemporary designs set in iconic British locations such as Canterbury Cathedral and a traditional English village.

Alison’s Highgrove house at Christmas features the residence of the Prince of Wales with carollers singing around the tree outside.

The Palace of Westminster is set on a starry night, where the snow falls gently over parliament as Santa delivers his gifts, while Londoners go about their business below.

In addition to the designs by Alison Gardiner, under the same brand we have a great selection of Coppenrath Jigsaws.

Coppenrath is a German publisher specialising in traditional Christmas designs with a modern flair. Founded in 1768 and based in Münster, the company has been the centre of traditional German festivities for generations.

We have chosen a range by designer Barbara Behr, who is a German artist who specialises in traditional Christmas themes. Her stunning jigsaws feature kittens playing with presents, A festive chocolate shop, The Christmas Express and many more.

One of Barbara Behr’s most beloved designs is the Christmas Carousel, a gorgeous puzzle featuring Victorian children enjoying a ride on ponies and tigers as Santa watches on.

We are so excited to bring you this wonderful range of Jigsaw puzzles. We think that they would make fantastic gifts or if you love them too much to give them away why not make them the perfect addition to your Christmas traditions.

As we enter another lock down out thoughts go out to everyone in our All Jigsaw Puzzle family, especially those of you who are on your own or working in our amazing NHS and support services. If you feel like you are getting low, below are some links to organisations that can give you some support. We have always found that we have the most wonderful Facebook followers who take care of each other, so please feel free to also reach out there.







Please take care of yourselves and each other, keep smiling and we will do our best to keep bringing the best jigsaws to help you feel better.

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