Ukraine Appeal

Joining together to help those in need

Like a lot of people around the world, we at All Jigsaw Puzzles have been shocked and saddened by the images of destruction, pain and suffering that are coming from the Ukraine. That’s why our little AJP family have come together to figure out the best way we can show our support to those who have been affected by the conflict. We have created two new Ukrainian inspired Impuzzible jigsaw puzzles, from which all profits will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).

The Ukrainian flag has become an inspiring symbol of hope and freedom across the world. The blue of the flag represents peace, and the stunning streams and mountains of Ukraine, while the yellow represents prosperity from the wheat fields that grow in the countryside. In recognition of the flag, this ‘Peace and Prosperity – Impuzzible’ features a golden yellow rapeseed field in front of a brilliant blue sky, a beautiful image to remind us of all of more peaceful times.

Peace and Prosperity – Impuzzible charity jigsaw puzzle

The second of these charity Impuzzible jigsaw puzzles, is of the Ukrainian national flower - the Sunflower (Soniashnyk). The Sunflower historically represents peace, and this 400 piece round jigsaw puzzle is our way of expressing our hope that peace will come quickly to everyone affected by this war.

Sunflower Impuzzible round 400 piece jigsaw puzzle for Ukraine appeal

Sow a sunflower seed of solidarity

The first 150 UK orders of these wonderful puzzles will contain a packet of sunflower seeds that have been kindly donated by our friends at Suttons Seeds. We ask that if you receive a pack of these seeds, you grow a sunflower to sow a seed in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. We hope that even if you don’t purchase a puzzle, or are not among the 150 that receive the free seeds, you might grow a sunflower anyway and help us get the hashtag #sowasunflowerofsolidarity trending. It would be amazing if this summer all the gardens, allotments, and window boxes of the U.K were filled with sunflowers.


DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee)

We researched several charities for this cause but decided that the proceeds from these puzzles would be of the greatest use with the DEC. The DEC covers 15 charities including Actionaid, The British Red Cross, Save the Children, and many more. They are based on Ukraine’s borders helping with food, water, clothing, and medical aid. To discover more about their work, click here or watch the video below.

It can be difficult to draw strength in times of hardship, so remember to take time to check in on those around you. The All Jigsaw Puzzles family would like to thank those of you who are donating money, time, housing, goods and services, particularly in these difficult times.


Love and peace to you all from our AJP family.

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