Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories your missing piece to puzzling success!

Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories your missing piece to puzzling success!

Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories your missing piece to puzzling success!

Do you ever sit and look at a new puzzle and think I just don’t know where to begin?

Do you have pieces all over the place making it difficult to find what you need?

Do you get halfway through and think I wish I had somewhere to store my jigsaw?

Difficult jigsaw puzzles

Well worry no longer we have some tips and great products that will make your puzzling joyful again.


Tip 1: Find some space

It’s not always easy to find the space that you need to piece together a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. You may have a spare dinning or coffee table when you start the jigsaw, but have you ever gotten halfway through only to have to break it all up because you need the space for something else? There are some great solutions out there, such as our Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat.

All you need to do is roll the jigsaw puzzle mat out into the space where you plan to piece your jigsaw together and get started. The jigsaw puzzle roll mat is made from felt so that your pieces will not slide around. When the space needs to be used for something else, simple blow up the inflatable tube and gently roll the mat and your puzzle around it, securing when finished with the two elasticated tabs. Then slide into the bag and simply store in a safe place until it’s time to start your jigsaw puzzle again.



Tip 2: Sorting

Whoever you ask for the key to successful puzzling, they’ll always say organisation is key. There are several ways to plan how you will piece together your jigsaw puzzle from starting with the edges, to separating out shapes or colours, but how does anyone do this when they puzzle in a multi-use space? With the use of accessories!

Our Colourful Cardboard Sorter Trays are perfect to help you organise your pieces. They come in packs of 6 giving you plenty of space to sort by colour and shape. The Sorter Trays stack together making them easy to store when it’s time to pack your jigsaw away again.

Colourful Cardboard Sorter Trays

Tip 3: Getting passed a mental block

Sometimes you can feel stuck when piecing together your jigsaw puzzle and no matter how long you stare at your puzzle you just can’t find the missing piece. There are some very experienced puzzles out there who have wonderful suggestions on how you get passed that hurdle. One of those suggestions is to turn the puzzle upside down, looking at the shapes and tones instead of the image can be beneficial.

Another suggestion is sorting the pieces into the same shapes, such as all the pieces with three cut out parts and one sticking out bit are all together. Our Pack of 3 Jigsaw Puzzle Sorter Boards are perfect for this way of working, the felt on these boards mean that the won’t slip around making it easier to place the pieces in the same direction so that they are clearer to see.

Jigsaw Puzzle Sorter Boards

Hopefully these tips combined with our useful accessories will give you everything you need to make your puzzling experiences easier and enjoyable. If once you’ve finished your puzzle, you’ve fallen in love with it so much that you can’t bare to pull it to pieces, why not turn it into a stunning piece of art, by framing it? We have a gorgeous light wood frames that are suitable for your favourite 1000 piece puzzle creations.

Wooden Frame for 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

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