Interesting facts about Jigsaw Puzzles!

Interesting facts about Jigsaw Puzzles!

Interesting Facts About Jigsaw Puzzles!

Did you know… The jigsaw puzzle with the most pieces according to Guinness World Records was 551,232 pcs and measured 14.85 × 23.20m? The biggest commercially available jigsaw has over 52k pieces and can be found here

Did you know… If you have multiple puzzles from the same brand, the same jigsaw puzzle forme was most likely used to stamp them? That means you can combine your jigsaw puzzles by finding the pieces that fit together to make your own completely unique combination jigsaws!

Did you know… Jigsaws are made using a forme made of hundreds of sharp metal edges, precisely designed by multiple engineers? The cutting forms are filled with a type of springy rubber which allows the pieces to be cut when the machine presses down.

Did you know… The first ever jigsaw puzzle is believed to have been made by John Spilsbury in 1767? They were wooden and featured maps! The traditional skill of making a jigsaw puzzle by hand is an art form that is almost completely lost now, having been replaced with heavy machinery which can make multiple jigsaws every minute!

Did you know… In many jigsaw puzzle manufacturers, staff manually break up the jigsaw puzzles to get them into their boxes? We have several speedy staff members who can accurately break up a puzzle in minutes and have it bagged and boxed ready to go!

Did you know… Most 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles are made using one 500 piece jigsaw puzzle forme? That means that your jigsaw puzzle halves are identical to one another, but upside down!

Did you know… A peculiarly shaped jigsaw puzzle piece is called a whimsy because of it’s whimsical nature?

Did you know… The most expensive jigsaw puzzle ever sold at auction according to Guinness World Records was in 2005 for 27,000 US Dollars? It was a handcrafted puzzle made by Rachel Page Elliott who at the time was 92 years old! It was auctioned during a charity event in Pennsylvania and contains 467 intricate interlocking pieces which include whimsies of birds, cats, horses and golden retrievers.

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