Have you heard of our jigsaw puzzle subscription?

With the winter soon upon us and the night’s drawing in, it’s the optimal time for puzzling! Perhaps you’ve got a lot of the puzzles on our website, or you want a surprise puzzle that you know you won’t have already? Whatever it is, we’re sure to have a subscription for you!

Each month we send a fun 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle direct to the puzzler’s door, every puzzle design is exclusively curated by our jigsaw puzzle experts and range from Fine Art to Funny cartoons. We hand-make each jigsaw in our workshop in Devon, so quality is guaranteed – we have hundreds of 5-star reviews.

How does this work?

Which Subscription Is Right For Me?

We have three prepayment options; these options are great for gifts, or as a way to test the subscription for yourself! The monthly, 3 month and 6 month subscriptions are £12.99/ month, and the 12 month subscription gives you 1 month free!

 1000 Piece monthly subscription Puzzles    

Three Month Subscription

Looking for something to pass the winter months? Our 3 month subscription is the perfect way to enjoy a new challenge.

* Free Delivery

* New and Exclusive Puzzle each Month

* Cancel Anytime

* Each puzzle is worth £14.99

* Total Saving of £14.97

* Prepay for £38.97

 6 Month Subscription


Six Month Subscription

Are you an avid puzzler but don't feel ready to commit to a 12 month subscription? Our 6 month package gives you a taste of our full subscription without the full commitment!

* Free Delivery

* New and Exclusive Puzzle each Month

* Cancel Anytime

* Each puzzle is worth £14.99

* Total Saving of £29.94

* Prepay for £77.94

12 Month Subscription

12 Month Subscription

The best deal you can find, our 12 month subscription gives you one month free! For avid puzzlers and beginners looking to build their puzzle repertoire.

* Free Delivery

* New and Exclusive Puzzle each Month

* Cancel Anytime

* Each puzzle is worth £14.99

* 12th Month FREE

* Prepay for £142.89 ( equivalent to £11.91/ Month )

Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription can last as long as you’d like, there is no commitment - you or the recipient can cancel at any time!

What Else do I get?

We have a really easy to use customer portal where you can:

* Add one time products to your order

* Skip a delivery anytime

* Edit your delivery addresses

* Cancel your subscription anytime

* Edit your payment information

Each subscription puzzle comes in our posting box, so they fit right through your letterbox, and you get an exclusive insert each month detailing the puzzle you are receiving! 

We also have a 500 piece subscription that is perfect for those who prefer a smaller puzzle, or for family or friends that our new to the world of puzzling!

  • Every puzzle is worth £11.99
  • Plus delivery is Free, saving you £35.88 over 12 months
    500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Monthly Subscription


    For Lovers of Traditional Puzzles

    As well as our own All Jigsaw Puzzle subscription jigsaw puzzles, we also offer a Falcon jigsaw puzzle subscription. This wonderful brand has been producing stunning nostalgic jigsaw puzzles for many years and we feel very privileged to offer our customers these delightful jigsaws as part of a subscription package.

    • Get your first month for just £7, followed by £13.99 each month after.
    • Delivery is free, saving you £35.88 over the 12 months subscription


    Falcon de Luxe 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Subscription


    We hope this blog has helped you learn more about the world of puzzle subscriptions. This truly is a unique and thoughtful gift for those who have been puzzling for years, or novices that want to try a new relaxing hobby. Click here to find out more!

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