Galison Jigsaws are a delight for a puzzler who (pretends she) doesn’t puzzle!

Galison Jigsaws are a delight for a puzzler who (pretends she) doesn’t puzzle!

Disclaimer! I was not a jigsaw puzzler before I joined the All Jigsaw Puzzle team, and I really wasn’t sure what puzzlers got out of the hobby. The feeling was also mutual in my immediate family…

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I apologise. I was wrong to be so doubtful of your puzzling addictions, with so many lockdowns and so much time indoors, my family and I have really turned to puzzling as a relaxing break from the world around us.

In the past, you would never have seen a jigsaw puzzle strewn anywhere in my house for fear of being labelled “clutter” but since November 2020, a jigsaw puzzle has been a constant fixture on our kitchen table.

We’ve collaboratively (some family members helping more than others) puzzled about 6 jigsaws between November and March this year with one stand out favourite so far.

Our list of puzzles includes titles like Peter Pan, Pop Culture, Beauty and the Beast Winter and more, with the family favourite so far being Galison’s Book Club 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle!

When I asked my Mum what she thought her favourite puzzle she’s done so far was, she straight away said “Book Club! I think that was my favourite because I couldn’t stop going back to it!”

She’s right too. Every time I’d go to fill up my drink between virtual meetings while Book Club was on the table, I couldn’t help but spot a piece that just had to be solved… It’s a strange addiction that I’m only just starting to understand; like scratching an itch. And whenever my mum would cook the evenings dinner (thank you Mum, always appreciated!) I would walk in and catch the spuds boiling over because she was distracted by Galison’s colourful puzzle!

I think the joy of Book Club in particular was two things, one was the overall quality of the puzzle – the box, the pieces, the handy guide print, everything was stunning; and two was the bright and eye-catching design that you just couldn’t help but get stuck into.

I’m sure I’ll be back with more reviews of the puzzles we’ve done recently, but for now my recommendation to you is to try a Galison puzzle – I’m off to get another!

You can find the Galison jigsaw puzzle range here!

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