Hello our lovely jigsaw puzzling friends,

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As my family and I were banging on our saucepans and generally making noise with our neighbours at the #nhsclap last night, I was, again, reminded that there are some lovely people out there. Watching the news has been heartbreaking at times and the bravery of the NHS staff and all essential workers is deserving of the utmost respect and love. Watching my usually very civilised neighbours generally making a ruckus, was quite a thing. It was also a chance to have a socially distanced chat with some of our neighbours. I hope you got to have  a chat with yours, it’s nice to share stories and I got some hot tips on getting a delivery slot for shop deliveries for more vulnerable members of our family. 

So what happened at All Jigsaw Puzzle this week? We ran out of jigsaw puzzles. If you follow our facebook you will have seen a video of what our shelves looked like on Wednesday. I am sorry about that, we underestimated the influx of orders that we would get.  (At least we are very sure what designs you, our jigsaw puzzling friends, really don’t like!) As soon as we realised that we were going to run out, our purchasing team were right on it, working with suppliers to get deliveries. We had 1000s of jigsaw puzzles delivered on Thursday that we managed to get on the shelves for you on the same day.

It is Good Friday today, and most of the team have elected to come in and try and catch up with orders. We want to ensure that everyone rests properly, this is so important right now, so we won’t be working at the weekend or Easter Monday. We are aware that this means your order will get to you slower, but we need everyone to stay healthy and working every hour is not going to help with that. We are sorry, but I really hope you understand.

What I have realised this week is that we actually do have a work family. You can’t go through something like this together and not feel that more connected to the people around you. Companies often talk about being a “family”, but in our case it really is true. We desperately want to keep everyone safe and this continues to be our priority.

We continue to receive lovely messages from our extended family, you, our customers. They continue to spur us on. Thank you so much.

Please stay home, please protect our NHS and remember to smile at the people you see on your socially distanced walk every day.

Keep safe and well and remember to smile,



Marketing Director at All Jigsaw Puzzles

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