Donate to the NHS when you buy your next puzzle

Donate to the NHS when you buy your next puzzle

Donate to the NHS when you buy your next puzzle!

Every Thursday night we all watch the UK stop what it’s doing and applaud those who are working the hardest to keep the country going. The All Jigsaw Puzzle’s team have been talking extensively about what we can do to raise money – we considered a toilet roll Impuzzible and rainbow collage jigsaw of your images amongst other things. But whilst we continue to work hard on processing your puzzles, we can’t safely make our own jigsaw puzzles to be able to donate the proceeds to charity.

The other option presented to us was to make it much easier for you all to donate to those who need it. When you next come to the All Jigsaw Puzzle store, you can search for the “Donate to the NHS” product to add a donation of your chosen amount to your order.

This month we are sending the donation to the NHS Charities Together. NHS staff, volunteers and patients are impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Together, let's show our respect and gratitude as NHS staff, volunteers and carers work tirelessly in the face of the virus. This national campaign, endorsed by NHS England, acknowledges and supports all NHS staff and volunteers who are looking after those affected by coronavirus.

You can choose to donate anything from £1 to £100 by changing the quantity when you add the product to your cart. All proceeds go directly to the NHS Charities Together Foundation and we are hoping to do a total raised at the end of each month.

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