It's Just... Dogs! Meet Our Pack of AJP Pups and Dog Jigsaw puzzles

It's Just... Dogs! Meet Our Pack of AJP Pups and Dog Jigsaw puzzles

Here at All Jigsaw Puzzles we are not just mad for jigsaw puzzles, we’re also mad about dogs. Whether it’s a cheeky little Chihuahua, dashing Dalmatian, fancy French Bulldog or a lovely Labrador, we love them all, so much so that we commissioned Ricardo Galvao to make us a Dog Jigsaw puzzle devoted to our fluffy friends, ‘It's Just... Dogs! 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle’.

It's Just... Dogs! 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

In today’s blog we thought you might like to know the All Jigsaw Puzzle’s pack of puppies.

Snoop Dog

'My Name is Snoop and I’m the newest addition to the AJP family. I was rescued from the streets of Romania in June this year, by our Operations Director Mat and his family.

I’m a poodle cross which makes me very fluffy, so much so that everyone I meet must fuss me. I’ve been likened to the Tramp from Lady and the Tramp, which daddy says suits me as I’m a cheeky chappie that steals his sandwiches and flip-flops.'

Romi & Dylan

'Hi, I’m Romi, I’m 5 years old and I’m a Show Cocker Spaniel. I Like longs walks in the forest, cuddles and lots of yummy cheese. I can be stubborn, but that’s only because people won’t do what I want. They say I’m spoilt, but I just get what I deserve as I’m head of the family.'

Romi (This Jigsaw is Literally Just Pictures of Cute Animals )

'Hi, I’m Dylan and I’m Romi’s little brother. I really love swimming, it’s my absolute favourite thing to do. I enjoy walks and will eat anything. Although I’m 4 years old, I still consider myself a puppy, as I like nothing better than a big cuddle with the whole family.'

Dylan Puppy


Maya and Hooch

'Hi, my name is Maya, I’m a Shih Tzu and I’m 4 years old.

Maya bowtie puppy

I may be little, but I can shout when I need to, and I mainly shout to keep everyone in line because I’m the boss. I love to run free which can be tiring so I also like to take it easy sunbathing or laying on someone’s comfy lap.'

'Hi, my names hooch, I’m a 4-year-old American Bulldog Cross. I love nothing more than snuggles and laying on my master’s lap, although mummy says that I’m far to big to be a lapdog. I live with Maya who is a bossy little thing.'

Maya and Hooch puppy love

'I also live with 3 rats who can be very annoying.'

Hooch the puppy with a rat


'I am Gandalf, people think I’m a dog, but I’m not, I’m a ‘Gandalf’ which is far more special. I’m a 6 and half year-old Clumber Spaniel. My main loves in life are balls and food. I can spot a ball in a hedge that’s 200 metres away and if you leave your back door open, I will come in and eat your pet’s dinner.'

Gandalf the Clumber Spaniel on Exmoor

'I spend most of my time sleeping and if I’m comfy I do not like to be moved. My favourite place is Exmoor and I love it when my Rob gives me a bath.'


'My name is Cally and I’m 12 years old. Back when I was younger, I competed in dog agility competitions and gained many rosettes.'

Cally the agility dog

'I may not be a competitor anymore, but I now have an even more important job. My mum started working at All Jigsaw Puzzles earlier this year and because I was anxious about being away from her, she took me into work. I wasn’t allowed to just sit around all day, and I was given the extremely important position of “Mental Health First Aider” and told it was my job to keep everyone happy and sane by providing smiles and snuggles. Making and selling jigsaw puzzles can be quite stressful, so I’m very busy all day and just crash out on my mum’s bed when I get home.'


funny image of dog in owners bed

Well that’s our precious pack of All Jigsaw Puzzle’s puppies, we hope you enjoyed meeting them. If you love dogs as much as we do why not check out our collection below.

Dog jigsaw puzzles

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