Keeping safe and calm..

Keeping safe and calm..

Keeping safe and calm..

It’s a worrying time isn’t it? The situation that we all find ourselves in, is unprecedented. We are making decisions hour-to-hour on how we balance our two priorities.

  1. Keeping our staff and their loved ones safe.
  2. Getting as many jigsaw puzzles out to our customers and community as we can.

One of the ways we are choosing to do that is through Split Shifts. We have basically split our workforce into 2 distinct teams to reduce exposure. (These teams won’t see each other for a while!) We are applying this to the warehouse AND our office staff as we are a small team and we are all in this together!

The teams in the warehouse will work 2 days on and 2 days off. Everyone is cleaning down their work areas and all staff are observing hygiene advice that can be found on the NHS site, social distancing and keeping each other responsible.

The office staff are taking turns to be in the office to field customer service calls, and where it is possible to work from home, we are taking alternate days to do that.

The point of this is to reduce exposure and in theory, half the chances of spreading the virus.

We had a meeting about this today and everyone is up for it! It’s times like these when we are reminded of how great our team is. First and foremost they are very hardworking and are doing everything they can to get orders out. Secondly, how much they care, not just about customers but also about our little business. We know we want to keep going for as long as we can.

This way of working will reduce our output, so orders will be slower to get out to our customers while we adjust to this different way of working and the huge number of orders that we are seeing coming through. However, we see this as a balanced approach to an unprecedented situation. We are confident that this is the right decision and we hope that our customers can be patient. Take a look at our delivery page for the latest information on our delivery times. 

I hope you are keeping safe and well. If you are worried or feeling anxious, may I suggest that you head over to our facebook page where our community are sharing ways that they are keeping busy in these troubling times. Have a chat with them, they are truly lovely people.


Best Wishes,


Marketing Director

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