Tim Bulmer Jigsaw Puzzle Artist Interview

Chatting with Tim Bulmer

Hi everyone, welcome back! Last week we were very lucky to have a visit from one of our favourite jigsaw puzzle artists, Tim Bulmer! While he was visiting our jigsaw puzzle factory, we managed to sit him down for a lovely cup of tea and a natter. In today’s blog, we’ll give you an inside scoop of what we chatted about.

We started off asking Tim to make an introduction:

About Tim Bulmer

We wondered how Tim first ventured into the wonderful world of art:

How Tim Bulmer started his art career


Tim has been collaborating with All Jigsaw Puzzles for some time, we asked him when he designed his first puzzle and what the subject was:

Tim Bulmer's first jigsaw puzzle design

We love Tim’s gorgeously detailed map jigsaws and asked him how he goes about finding his fun facts and designs:

How does Tim Bulmer design his jigsaw puzzles?

Finally, we caught Tim out with a surprise question, the answer shocked him!

How many different designs are in the Tim Bulmer jigsaw puzzle range?

It was wonderful to see Tim Bulmer, show him around the factory and introduce him to the All Jigsaw Puzzles family. We really hope that he will be able to visit us again soon, or that maybe we’ll get an invitation to tour his studio. If you want to see the full video just click here.

Tim Bulmer Jigsaw puzzles

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