National Puzzle Day 2020

Celebrating National Puzzle Day 29 Jan 2020 at All Jigsaw Puzzles

We're celebrating National Puzzle Day, the perfect day to relax and engage your brain with a jigsaw puzzle.

This National Puzzle Day, we’re saying thank you the only way we know how!

On Wednesday 29th January 2020, we will be holding a very special mid-week Jigsaw Jackpot!

Special how? I hear you ask… For the first time ever, the jackpot winner will receive a brand new, not yet released Impuzzible jigsaw puzzle! 

If you think you’re up to this Puzzling Impuzzible challenge and would love to win this early exclusive, head over to All Jigsaw Puzzles Facebook and look for the National Puzzle Day Jigsaw Jackpot.

Simply like and comment to enter before 11:59am Thursday 30th January 2020 to be in with the chance of winning. The lucky winner will be announced at 12:05pm Thursday January 30th 2020.

Puzzling Impuzzible Jigsaw Puzzle

The Power of Puzzles - Are Jigsaw Puzzles Good For You?

Have you heard the news not only are jigsaw puzzles a wonderful pastime they’re also good for you? Studies have shown that piecing together jigsaw puzzles uses both sides of the brain giving it a complete work-out, improving efficiency and increasing capacity. Researchers are currently studying these positive effects on the brain and are beginning to think that it could help slow down and even prevent dementia.

Here are all the ways that a simple jigsaw puzzle could improve your health today.

  • Increases concentration
  • Helps us evaluate our actions
  • Improves problem solving
  • Removes us from our screens
  • Moves our minds in to a meditative state, decreasing anxiety
  • Help us become more focused
  • Improves memory
  • Completion releases Dopamine that helps to regulate mood

Next time you sit down and start a jigsaw puzzle, think about all the positive effects it’s having on your mental health.


Get puzzling for National Puzzle Day! What jigsaw puzzles are new for 2020?

With every new year comes brand new puzzles! We are so excited to welcome a selection of fantastic new jigsaw puzzles from our friends at Jumbo, Gibsons and Ravensburger, including Wasgij, Scenic and Traditional jigsaw puzzles that are very popular with jigsaw puzzlers around the world! What better way to spend National Puzzle Day 2020 than to top up your puzzle collection with brand new jigsaw puzzles.

Don’t miss out on the brand new Wasgij puzzles that have just been released, including Wasgij Destiny 21 ‘Highway Hold Up’, two new Wasgij retro puzzles - Wasgij Retro Mystery ‘Live Entertainment’ and Wasgij Retro Original 4 ‘A Day To Remember’, as well as the highly anticipated Wasgij Original 33 ‘Calm on the Canal’ and Wasgij Mystery 18 ‘Grabbing a Quick Bite’

Wasgij Destiny Highway Hold Up Jigsaw Puzzle

Brand New Impuzzible Jigsaw Puzzles for 2020

On National Puzzle Day, it only seems right to give you a sneak peek at our brand new ‘impuzzible’ jigsaw puzzles, that are numbers 19, 20 and 21 in the Impuzzible jigsaw puzzle range. Our impuzzible jigsaw puzzles have proved to be very popular in the jigsaw puzzling world – but they are no easy ride! Are you up to the impuzzling challenge? Take a sneak peek below at our next impuzzible instalments – ‘Hive’ which will certainly sting, romantic ‘Roses’ which will get your heart beating and our special ‘puzzling’ impuzzible which will make you scratch your head!

Roses Impuzzible Valentine's Jigsaw Puzzle Hive Impuzzible Jigsaw Puzzle
Puzzling Impuzzible Jigsaw Puzzle

Don’t forget to enter our competition for your chance to win our ‘Puzzling Impuzzible’.

From all of us here at All Jigsaw Puzzles, we hope you enjoy lots of jigsaw puzzles on National Puzzle Day 2020!

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