Brilliant Jigsaw Puzzle Bundles!

Brilliant Jigsaw Puzzle Bundles!

Welcome back, this week I’ve got a couple of questions for you:

#1 - do you love jigsaw puzzles?

#2 - do you love great deals?

If your answer to both of those was a resounding “Yes!” then I’ve got the perfect products for you…

Jigsaw Puzzle Bundles!

We’ve handpicked this selection to give you £2 off per puzzle on some of our bestselling and high quality jigsaws to help you keep puzzling during this difficult time.

Cosy Cottages Jigsaw Bundle

Relax and enjoy the peace and serenity of these cosy cottage jigsaw puzzles and save £2 per puzzle with this amazing bundle set. In this beautiful bundle of cosy cottage jigsaw puzzles, you will find designs from Sarah Adams and Debbie Cook.

  • Wild Cottage Retreat - Unwind from the stresses of the day as you piece together this charming cottage jigsaw set among the woods and wildlife.
  • Cottage Garden Birds - Full of Spring flowers, birds and a thatched cottage, this Cottage Garden birds traditional jigsaw puzzle by Sarah Adams is very relaxing to complete!
  • Puppy at Tulip Cottage - In this gorgeous puzzle, we see tulip cottage, the very quaint and quiet home of Barny the puppy, who has snuck off to sniff the flowers that have just blossomed this Spring.

Fantastically Festive Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Bundle Set

Get into the Christmas Spirit with our Fantastically Festive 3 x 1000 Piece Christmas Jigsaw Bundle Set - The ultimate festive treat! Get our three beautifully traditional and exclusive Christmas jigsaw puzzles, designed by Rudolf Farkas, and save £2 per puzzle!

These gorgeous Christmas jigsaw puzzles will really get you into the festive spirit. Collect the first 3 puzzles in our Traditional Christmas collection for an amazing price.

  • Santa's Christmas List - In this magical Christmas scene, we have an exclusive look inside Santa's grotto, where he is resting his feet and checking his list.
  • Christmas Village Fair - Under a dreamy starlit sky, a Christmas Village Fair is well underway. Everyone is in the Christmas spirit, buying gifts from the market stalls and decorating the Christmas tree.
  • Christmas Dinner at Santa's Workshop - It’s time for Father Christmas and his Workshop team to reward themselves with a delicious festive feast.

Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzle Bundle Set

Enjoy the magic of puzzling and get £2 off each of these 3 gorgeous fantasy jigsaw puzzles with our Fantasy 3 x 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Bundle Set. These stunning fantasy jigsaw puzzles all feature artwork from Alchemy including the most enchanting scenes. This is the perfect jigsaw puzzle set for fantasy lovers, and includes:

  • Masque of the Black Rose - The enchantress Bhictoria gets ready on the night of the Black Rose Masquerade Ball.
  • Dragons of the Runering - Deep in the forest on the edge of a faraway mystical realm, Drutall of the Vorkrull Dragon Soldiers guards the magical rune ring.
  • Snagov - It’s a dark and stormy night, the Dragon King lingers on a rooftop at the edge of the woods waiting for lady Lavinia to return.

Armand Foster Jigsaw Puzzle Bundle Set

Get Puzzling with this Armand Foster 3 x 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Bundle Set. Challenge yourself with 3 comical cartoon jigsaw puzzles by Armand Foster - and save £2 per puzzle! Armand Foster is a UK based artist who has had a passion for painting for his whole life! His fun cartoon illustrations are very distinctive and are great fun to complete as a jigsaw puzzle. In this fantastic set of jigsaw puzzles, you will find:

  • Hectic Hamlet - The name certainly gives this design away! From hazardous heights to coughs and colds, this village is certainly hectic!
  • Silly Circus Parade - The circus has come to town, and everybody is excited to see its arrival! But what kind of antics are taking place?
  • Tempestuous Tournament - It's time for an historical re-enactment and this one is set in medieval times! What antics will you find in this fun 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle?

We hope that today’s blog has helped you discover some great savings on your favourite jigsaw puzzle styles and artists! To explore Jigsaw Puzzle Bundles, click here.

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