Artist's Corner - Charlie Harper

Artist's Corner - Charlie Harper

Hi, welcome to Artist’s Corner, where we’ll be discussing some of the art/ artists that are used in the puzzles we sell.

Today we’ll be telling you about Charley Harper, an American artist with a passion for wildlife. Charley spent his childhood on a farm in West Virginia, surrounded by nature. His love of the Animals around him made it impossible for Charley to follow his father into farming, as he struggled with the killing of the livestock and said before I was old enough to use a gun, I learned that I never wanted to’.

After graduating from the Cincinnati Art Academy, he won the first Stephen H. Wilder Traveling Scholarship and camped across the Great American West painting and photographing it all as he went. This led to a job for Ford Times and then onto illustrating for The Golden Book of Biology and The Animal Kingdom for the Golden Press. It was after these and a few other art related jobs that he started to focus on life as a wildlife artist.


Charley’s work as a commercial artist after the second world war influenced his minimal realism style. His colourful simple shapes came about by not having time to look at the details,’ wildlife doesn’t stand still’, he once said ‘by the time I’ve focused my binoculars the bird has gone’. Charly’s art is not a simple process, most is made by the medium of silkscreen printing, meaning that each colour has a different stencil and takes a technical eye to change the original concept into a stunning print.

We really love Charley’s bold prints and were delighted to find that one of our favourite puzzle producers ‘Pomegranate’ had a collection of jigsaws featuring his artwork. These magnificent puzzles cover all kinds of wildlife locations from woodland wonders to distant deserts and  Rocky Mountains down to Canyon Country, with wonderful animals filling every piece.

So, whether you’re bonkers for birds,

Charlie Harper Birducopia 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

crazy about the Coral Reef

Charlie Harper The Coral Reef 1000 piece jigsaw

or just think all wildlife is wonderful then these Charlie Harper jigsaws will bring you a whole world of joy.

To check out the entire collection click here or to learn more about this wonderful artist visit the link below.


Charley Harper puzzle collection for when the weathers to wild for walking in wildlife!





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