All Jigsaw Puzzle predictions for jigsaw puzzle designs in 2020!

All Jigsaw Puzzle predictions for jigsaw puzzle designs in 2020!

Welcome to 2020!

We’ve been working hard trying to find the perfect puzzle designs for 2020, and in our research, we’re discovering some trends. Here are our All Jigsaw Puzzle predictions for jigsaw designs in 2020!


Simple but Impuzzible Jigsaws

After seeing such a huge rise in our near impossible and difficult jigsaw puzzles, we’re predicting even trickier puzzling for 2020! Designs like our Natural Grass Impuzzible will rise in popularity along with new challenges – mono-colour puzzles, inventive whimsies and maximalism.


Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles are here to stay

Traditional jigsaw puzzles with classic designs like those from Gibsons are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Beautifully illustrated designs like “The Old Sweet Shop” and “Snowfall at Sundown” will be met by new classic designs for the next decade.


Decade Nostalgia Jigsaws

The year is 2010, you’ve just left the cinema after watching Toy Story 3 with the family and you’re ready to get home and get stuck into your favourite puzzle!

We’re predicting some great decade nostalgia designs this year to celebrate the last 10 years of world culture. Keep an eye out for funky bright nostalgic jigsaw puzzle designs this year!


Olympic Jigsaw Puzzles

It’s Olympic year once again! Those 4 years fly by so fast it’s sometimes hard to keep up! We’re predicting athletes and sporting events will be celebrated in creative ways this year. Humorous comics, inspirational artwork and beautiful Japanese culture shots will all be in the limelight this summer.


Cartoon Chaos Jigsaw Puzzles

Our very own Ricardo Galvao is beavering away making this year’s Chaos illustrations. You can look forward to some great designs featuring Christmas, Halloween and more! Don’t forget you can collect The Chaos Range using our Chaos Collection check list.


Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles

The spookiest time of the year isn’t just for the youngsters! After the sell-out success of our Chaos on Halloween jigsaw puzzle in 2019, we’re expanding our Halloween selection. Get your hands-on creepy critters, peculiar pumpkins and ghastly ghoul designs for October this year.


Art History Jigsaw Puzzles

Take a leaf out of Van Gogh’s art history book and puzzle the greats! We’re expecting sales of more familiar and fine art puzzle designs like “Starry Night” and “Sistine Chapel” as well as newer designs you’re sure to fall in love with. New designs from Gill Erskine-Hill will soon be popping up in the All Jigsaw Puzzle store. Keep your arty eyes peeled!

Environmentalism and Jigsaw Puzzling

Not a new design prediction but just as important. We’re predicting and currently working towards making our products as eco-friendly and sustainable as we can. That might mean some changes to your puzzling experience, but we will guide you through the changes and keep you up to date as we create a more environmentally friendly business.

It’s so important that businesses like us at All Jigsaw Puzzles take responsibility for our actions and try to encourage shopping sustainably, we hope you’ll join us in fighting against the climate emergency.


From all of the team here at All Jigsaw Puzzles, we hope you have a happy and healthy 2020!

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