Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Memories

A Sensational Silver Jubilee

Welcome back to the All Jigsaw Puzzles Blog, today I would like to share my own memories of a very special day in June 1977. Back in the 1970’s I lived on a council estate in Banbury, it was a wonderful place to grow up, everyone knew each other and the children would play together in the street and parks. Our street was like one massive extended family, all running in and out of each other’s houses. There were often birthday parties held in back gardens that the whole street would attend, but it was a very special celebration that brought the entire estate together for one massive party, the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022

I remember my sister Julie and I being very excited about the big day because our parents had brought us special matching outfits for the occasion. The t-shirt had the Queen’s guards on horses and we had a matching light blue pleated skirt with the same guards marching around the hem. I believe it was a sunny day, but then again we all think that the sun shone every day when we were kids, and we began by making crowns out of gold card, coloured tissue paper and cotton wool. All dressed up in our fancy outfits and our homemade crowns we headed to the community centre at the heart of the estate for a big party.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022

I was only four – I only ever played on my own street and went to nursery, so I had never seen so many people - the entire estate seemed to be there! There was party food in the community centre and the majorettes marched and twirled outside on the green. I quickly spotted my best friend Fiona and attached myself to her side, we ate, danced and played until it was time for the best crown competition. All the children formed a long line to have their crown judged, I had high hopes for my wonderful creation, but sadly neither my sister, Fiona nor I even came close.

The Queen's Silver Jubilee 1977


As the party came to an end we all marched back to our little council houses to watch the celebrations on the TV. Before we all snuggled together on the Sofa, my Mother gave me and my sister a special commemorative coin to keep as a reminder of a wonderful day. I climbed up on my Dad’s lap, excited to see if the Queen’s crown was just as pretty as mine, but before her Majesty could appear in all her stunning glory, I had fallen asleep in my Father’s arms; the perfect end to a most wonderful day.

A Sensational Silver Jubilee 1977

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