International Women's day

A Celebration of Women

Happy International Women’s Day! It’s the 8th of March and around the world, people are celebrating the achievements of women and highlighting the importance of gender equality. Here at All Jigsaw Puzzles, we wanted to use this special day to celebrate our female artists and the wonderful jigsaw puzzles they have created.

Trai Hiscock

Trai Hiscock creates beautifully fun designs that celebrate the quintessential British holiday. Originally an English teacher, Trai travelled around the world, spending time in Russia and Mexico before returning to the UK, where she dedicated her time to art and has never looked back! Her joyful designs feature Trai, her husband John, and their dog Charlie Biscuit, on their travels around Great Britain.

Trai Hiscock Jigsaw Puzzles

Wendy Brown

The wonderful Wendy Brown is a fantastic watercolour artist and illustrator, hailing from the beautiful South Coast of England. Wendy enjoys painting well-known villages and towns in the UK and giving them a little twist - literally! The streets and buildings all bend and twist organically to face the sun or the people passing.

Wendy Brown Art

Wendy creates all her work with happiness in mind and aims to make everyone smile! Her topsy turvy style is very distinctive and makes for perfect puzzling.

Wendy Brown Jigsaw Puzzles

Phuong Ngo

Phuong Ngo is based in Australia and has been drawing since she was able to pick up a pen. Phuong’s contemporary artwork celebrates plants, nature, and women.

Phuong Ngo jigsaw puzzles

Maliha Abidi 

Maliha Abidi, the artist behind the 100 Iconic Women jigsaw puzzle, is herself an iconic woman. Maliha’s family moved from Pakistan to California when she was 14, and she draws on her experiences of being an immigrant in her artwork and literature. Her works shine a light on social issues such as women’s rights, fighting racism, domestic violence, and mental health.

Maliha Abidi Artist

Not only is Maliha an author and artist, but she is also studying Neuroscience and is the founder of The Story of Mental Health, an organisation that provides resources to give women a safe space to discuss and work through their mental health challenges.

100 Iconic Women 500 or 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

I’m sure you’ll agree that these amazing artists are truly talented and an inspiration to all of us; we would love to hear which women have inspired you in your life. To share your stories, click on the Jiggys below to be taken to our Facebook group, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

International Women's Day

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