10 Benefits of a Wood Jigsaw Puzzle

10 Benefits of a Wood Jigsaw Puzzle

Explore our 10 Benefits of a Wood Jigsaw Puzzle and why they make the perfect puzzle gift!

Wood jigsaw puzzles are a different kind of jigsaw puzzle experience and there are many reasons why these wooden jigsaws are just so wonderful. Read on to find out why we love wooden jigsaw puzzles.

Wood Jigsaw Puzzle

1. They're made of tougher stuff

You can't get a higher quality puzzle than a puzzle made of wood. Our puzzles have a glossy finish too, which makes them look even better! 

2. Wooden jigsaws make a fantastic gift

If you know someone who loves jigsaw puzzles, a wooden jigsaw puzzle is a wonderful way to give them a luxury gift that you know they will love. Even those who aren't avid jigsaw puzzlers will love the high quality, heirloom element of these special wood jigsaws. 

wooden jigsaw puzzles in a box

3. They can be enjoyed by all the family

From Granny to the baby of the family, every one can have a go at putting the pieces together. Jigsaw puzzling can really bring the family together and help you switch off from screen time. The quality of the pieces means that any age can easily handle them and the smaller piece count means the challenge can be taken on by almost anyone.

4. They are perfect for beginner jigsaw puzzlers and advanced puzzlers too!

Wooden jigsaw puzzles are usually of a smaller piece count, but that doesn't mean they're not still a challenge. However, if you're not an advanced jigsaw puzzler, you will still enjoy piecing together the beautiful wooden pieces. 

5. Wooden jigsaw puzzles last a lifetime

Designed to stand the test of time, a wood jigsaw puzzle can really last a lifetime and can be passed on to the next generation. 

6. It's harder to lose the pieces

If you're a jigsaw puzzler, you will understand the frustration of losing a puzzle piece. The beauty of the wooden pieces is that they won't sneak off as easily as a standard jigsaw puzzle, and you will probably be able to find it easier too!

7. You'll love the puzzling experience

From the smell of the wooden pieces when you first open the bag to the beautiful design on the puzzle, there's nothing quite like taking a moment away from it all to put a few pieces together.

8. They're great for dexterity

If you struggle with dexterity or find it difficult to pick up standard jigsaw puzzle pieces, you will probably find piecing together a wooden jigsaw a lot easier. The thick pieces are easier to grasp and can slide into your hand if easier. 

Wooden Jigsaws for Dexterity

9. Jigsaw puzzles are great for mindfulness

Sometimes switching off the telly and completing a jigsaw puzzle is wonderful for the mind. By focusing on finding the pieces and getting lost in the image design, you will find yourself taking your mind off all your worries and stresses, and just relaxing for a little while. 

10. They make a wonderful coffee table accessory 

What a lovely way to entertain guests - by putting a 300 piece wooden jigsaw on the table. Friends and family who pop in for a natter can have a go at piecing together your beautiful wooden jigsaw.

Coffee Table Puzzle

If you're looking for a wooden jigsaw puzzle, whether for yourself or as a gift, take a look at our huge range here of wood jigsaw puzzles. 

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